Albert de Belleroche: Still life - on Albert de Belleroche



Albert de Belleroche:
Still life

Framed (ref: 4037)

Inscribed inventory number 237 on reverse
Oil on panel

18 x 14 in. (46 x 35.5 cm)

Tags: Albert de Belleroche oil panel still lifes 1.Belleroche

Provenance: Gordon Anderson

"His still-life pictures - with the glimmer of light on silver and other objects, the shadows full of rich and reflected tones - has bough a new note into this kind of painting.  One might say that he had carried the tradition of Chardin a step further, giving immediacy to his effects of light and colour, crystallizing the emotion of a particular moment.  In this work one feels that, with his lively and nervous handling of paint, he makes the objects before him live in the moving light that plays on them, and it is not surprising that Degas though so highly of these works."  Frank Brangwyn, Foreword to Albert de Belleroche by Julian A Millest, Apollo, 1935, XXI 124 April

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